After three years at the ABC, first as a UX and Innovation Strategy consultant and then as creative director of R&D, I’m moving on – taking on consulting work and writing up my PhD. And it’s wonderful to see how many amazing things are going on in the world. Sydney is flourishing: startups and innovation labs are sparking up all over the place, and virtual worlds are back in style – this time with mixed and augmented reality firmly in the mix.

I’m already consulting to three intriguing startups and giving a keynote at the SBS Leader Innovation Day. As I say, this city is not standing still.

So to my first appointment: I’m joining the fledgling UTS Innovation and Creative Intelligence unit to help figure out how we build adaptive resilience into our organisations, and to map the new landscape of collaborative creativity. It’s a truly incredible cross-disciplinary group, bringing together people from all across UTS and beyond. This is the kind of liminal zone where great things are possible.In my first week I’ll be participating in a 2-day Innovation and Creative Intelligence (ICI) Lab entitled Responding to Turbulence – Building Adaptive Resilience. How very apposite.

And then I’ll be wanting to talk to you about how you are adapting to and taking advantage of change. Seriously, I want to talk to you. Drop me a line.