The Sydney Town Hall is, in my humble opinion, pretty ugly. This was brought to my attention when the Sydney City Council decided to string fairy lights all over the thing at any remotely festive occasion, which draws attention to its resemblance to a giant sandstone wedding cake with mock-tudor turrets.

Now, I don't mind the building really - it has a patina of age that lends it a certain dignity (when not festooned with fairy lights or inflatable Santas). I'd certainly rather look at it than be subjected to most contemporary architecture.

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with a bit of fun. I therefore present to you my Alternative Universe version of the Sydney Town Hall.

You'll need a VRML plugin like Cosmo Player (alternative download mirror) to view the 3D models above. Click and drag on them to spin them around. Control-drag (option-drag for Mac users) to zoom in and out.