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The virtual worlds below require a VRML plugin such as Cortona or Cosmo Player. Get one. It's only a plugin, but it's far more important than the web browser that you're using now. Escape flatland. Join the multi-dimensional net. You'll thank me.

Your browser may already have a VRML browser built in. Try it - click on this link to Virtual Mike. Go on - he's only 22k. If you get a page with an animated 3D interactive Mike on it, then you're already in cyberspace. Spin him around. Isn't he hoopy? If you have Cosmo Player, Mike will look as nice as the picture of him on this page.

If that didn't work, then get a VRML browser now.

All of the virtual worlds on this page were created, believe it or not, on a Mac. If you'd like to join in, then visit MacWeb3D.org. I made that website too - isn't it pretty? We have a very friendly, helpful, active mailing list as well. Join us. We'd love to see you.

Big Mike, the Viridian Bug.
Big Mike, the friendly microbe, was a proposed mascot for the Viridian Movement, a techno-green design movement headed by the futurist pope/emperor Bruce Sterling. Only 22k.
Alternative Architectural Universe.
Remodelling the Sydney Town Hall. Only 25k.
Sydney Opera House.
One building that needs no structural improvement. This is a quick sketch of the Sydney Opera House, one of the most beautiful buildings on earth. A mere 9k.
Virtual Sydney.
Some of Sydney's landmark structures, composed on a fairly high-resolution satellite photo. Currently around 293k, most of which is accounted for by textures.
Kitty Lunchbox laptop prototype.
The Kitty Lunchbox was my response to rumours and speculation on the the Apple iBook mailing list. I released the Kitty Lunchbox one day before the iBook was unveiled, but still haven't finished optimising the model. Still approx 238k.