karmanaut/products/kitty lunchbox

Kitty Lunchbox Laptop prototype.

Inspired by the rumoured Apple consumer portable, reportedly for release on 21st July 99.

The consumer portable has been a closely guarded secret; lets see how close i get.

This page published 20th July 1999.

front view detachable cd/dvd

Available in fruit flavours. Comes with a clip-on satchel strap.
Note detachable CD/DVD-ROM drive, which can be used as standalone audio/video player.
It attaches via a pass-through FireWire port built into the lid of the unit.

screen screen detached

A high-quality passive matrix screen gives long battery life to the student version of the unit.
A larger active-matrix screen is available for the executive version (which incidentally comes in Smoke).

Oh, and it's a detachable touchscreen, which can be used as a tablet computer with
the rest of the unit slung over the shoulder. Note the stylish stylus holder in lieu of a touchpad.

recessed handle

Recessed plastic handle. Oh, and while i'm at it : battery compartment built into the top hinge area. 333Mhz G3 chip. Built-in V90 modem with an RJ11 port. USB and FireWire ports. Optional doodads that you can stick into the FireWire port, including a wireless modem to hook into Apple's brand new high-tech ISP, to be announced tomorrow (offering wireless and ADSL to a couple of major US cities, and Dartmouth university campus). I guess that could be a PC card port with a FireWire dongle on it, but in the Kitty Lunchbox, it's pure FireWire.

virtual kitty

Here's a VR version that you can spin around and look at from all angles. You'll need a VRML plugin such as Cosmo PLayer - you can get it at the Official Download Site, or at my Secondary Mirror site. It's available for Mac, PC and IRIX. Many installs of Netscape and IE already have a VRML plugin built in, so you might not need to download one.

Note: this is a quick export of the model, so it's not coloured in, and it's 250k. I'll be optimising it next week, i reckon, so if you'd like to see it in a much smaller download, and with the proper translucency and colours, come back then.

For more information on how to make VRML on the Mac yourself, check out the MacWeb3D.org website. We also have a mailing list. Join us, and make MacWeb3D strong.