karmanaut/coursenotes/2003 - Web design for 3D animators

Silicon Graphics Centre - 7471Y (Web Page Design)

Course outline

Week Principles Code Techniques Project
1 Introduction to Web publishing HTML structure Valid code Requirements; concept brief
2 Cross-browser design HTML tags Web graphics, compression & colour Initial graphics
3 Information architecture HTML elements Flow diagrams & card sorting Concept development
4 Concept, look & feel HTML attributes & links, tables Image slicing Screen design & layout
5 Interaction design, Accessibility Embedding media Shockwave 3D, Flash 3D, Web3D Web3D production
6 Information design Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Style ASSESSMENT: Concept
7 User Testing HTML integration, frames Affordances, constraints, etc. Graphics production
8 Iterative design Intro to Scripting; CGI & JavaScript Scripting, automation Test & refine
9 Distribution & promotion Meta tags FTP, publishing systems, DNS (domain names) ASSESSMENT: Presentation



This module will be assessed on a project basis, as follows:

Design a website to promote an animation that you have made.

You must provide:

The above requirements will be assessed at the beginning of class in week 6. This assessment will make up 50% of your mark.

The site must have at least:

The site must validate to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional document type definition, as determined by validator.w3c.org

The above requirements will be assessed at the beginning of class in week 9. This assessment will make up the remaining 50% of your mark.