I was co-proposer and an inaugural steering committee member for SIGGRAPH Asia, the region's most successful and prestigious venue for innovative work in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Before that I was founding Chair of the regional association ANZGRAPH, which convened the GRAPHITE conference series with ACM SIGGRAPH and South-East Asia's SEAGRAPH, and Past Chair of Sydney ACM SIGGRAPH.

I'm a member of various other ACM Special Interest Groups; Computer-Human Interaction, Computers and Society, Hypertext, Hypermedia & the Web, and Knowledge Discovery in Data. I was a ballot group member for the Software Engineering Code of Ethics & Professional Practice.

I maintain the MacWeb3D mailing list and web site, supporting a community of Mac-using Virtual Reality practitioners.

As a principal of Ping, a corporate member of the Web3D Consortium, I was closely involved in developing the international standards for 3D on the web.

If you'd like to talk then please contact me at your convenience.